Sea pollution project

Through my jewels I would like to be able to arouse emotions, in particular with this ring I tried to express a current problem that is particularly close to my heart!


While the warmth of a sand warmed by a red setting sun, which slowly retreats behind the most distant and almost imperceptible wave, I reflect on how much all this is a gift to be jealously guarded in the most protected and intimate cave of our soul;

I also reflect on how far all this actually is from the harsh and cold reality of the circumstances and wrongs that man, over the last 3 centuries, has inflicted on what makes our blue planet unique.

In our galaxy alone there are 100 billion planets, I mean 100 billion, and only one, as far as we know, has the capacity to support complex life forms.

The only difference that makes the earth unique is water in a liquid state, and in the last 300 years we have used the seas, oceans, rivers and lakes as landfills, pouring in the most sinister and obscure sludge of waste, remaining complacent to observe and control that they sank together with our soul.

Now the oceans and seas have presented themselves at the table of large multinationals, of sovereign states, presenting a bill that is perhaps too high to pay.

Hope, as they say, is the last to perish, and perhaps, if all of us could find within ourselves, the same feeling that pervaded my being on the shore of that beach painted by the sunset, we would be able to understand how much it is a change of direction is necessary.

This is what I tried to express with my ring.

The stone, a sea water, is intended to represent the majesty of the oceans, the freshness of their sound, the taste of their infinite nuances;

oceans now almost completely incorporated by something in the shape of corals, in silver, something that wants to deceive them by revealing itself with a shape that the oceans trust, a figure familiar to them but which in reality is stained by a carbon black, a black oil, a sneaky and mean black;

but in that black another figure stands out, a starfish, but with a lively, bright color, a color that represents exactly what one would think, pure hope.

I hope that one day each of us will be able to find our own starfish, so that those damned corals, soiled by the atrocities of man, can free the unstoppable force of the sea and the oceans.