Who we are

Hello nice to meet you!

I'm Beatrice, I'm twenty-five years old and in 2020 I founded Bi Silver, my jewelry line.

My story is deeply linked to the love for craftsmanship that my family has had for several generations.

My grandfather was the first to love the world of goldsmith tradition. In his free time he liked to create brass objects. He then passed this passion on to my father who decided to become a goldsmith by profession and then taught me the basics of goldsmithing.

I started making my first jewels in my bedroom on a small bench that belonged to my grandfather and I immediately understood that I wanted this passion of mine to become my job!

And so it was… Bi Silver was born!

Initially, once the business was opened, I was supported by a laboratory in Rome, where a craftsman named Marco taught me how to work wax and helped me with the production.

Over the years, thanks to your support, I have opened my new laboratory and I hope to grow more every day!

The brand was born with the aim of reviving Italian craftsmanship, which is less esteemed every day, especially by the new generation, to whom Bi Silver addresses with particular attention.

The mission of the brand is precisely the revisitation of the classic shop, trying to keep the tradition intact with all the characteristics that distinguish it, giving it, at the same time, a new innovative and interesting interpretation!

All Bi Silver products are made of 925 silver with the ancient technique of lost wax casting which allowed me to best enhance every detail of the jewels.

I won't go any further!

I hope I can make you fall in love with the world of craftsmanship.

Happy Shopping!