Instructions for planting your Bi Silver card

Did you find a plantable card in your Bi Silver order but you don't know how to sow it?? Follow the instructions!!

1. Wet the paper
First, wet the paper well. And we mean really well! Only in this way will the paper be able to biodegrade so that the seeds can germinate.

2. Place the paper on the soil
Place the paper in a vase, or directly in the garden, on some soil. Preferably use seed or flower soil. The best time for planting outdoors is from May to October. Indoors paper can be planted in pots all year round. Read below what is the best time to plant the different types of seeds available.

3. Cover the paper with soil
Cover the paper with about 1cm (maximum 1.5cm) of soil. This way the seeds will receive enough nutrients, protection and light to germinate. If you cover the paper with a layer of soil too thick, the seeds will germinate less quickly or not at all.

4. Water, water and more water
At first, give a little water every day to keep the paper moist. It is best to use a sprayer so that the paper is wetted evenly. A watering can or a cup without a spout can prevent the paper from getting wet everywhere and therefore all the seeds from germinating.

5. Sun, warmth and lots of love
Finally, place the paper in a bright, warm place. However, be careful to avoid a place in full sun, especially in summer, because the paper can dry out and the seeds may not germinate. Now is the time to have just a little patience! The first shoots will appear after approximately 7/14 days, depending on the type of seed. Continue to give your sprouts love and attention even after germination. At this point you can give a little less water than in the first week.